Portelet Bay


A beautiful south facing sheltered bay with soft golden sand and scattered rocks. Accessible by stairs that are a bit of an effort on the way back up, but an effort that is well worth it!



About 20 minutes from the town bus station on a regular frequent route. Bus drops you at the top of the bay. Bus timetable here


Food & Drink

Excellent pizzas at the beach cafe and a decent outdoor area at  the  Old Portelet Inn at the top of the bay.



A large car park at the top of the cliff but used by the Portelet Inn customers so busy on weekends and in high season.



Perfectly safe. However, be aware if you're venturing out to the island- Ile au Guerdain or Janvrin's Tomb- in the centre of the bay that the tide comes in quickly and you could get stranded there waiting for the tide to turn.



No public toilets available. However toilets are available when the cafe is open.